R.C. Smith


R.C. Smith is an academic, author and science student. Passionate about science and mathematics, he is currently pursuing a PhD in Physics. In his spare time, Robert has also studied and written in many other specialist fields across the natural and social sciences.

Passionate about Science and Philosophy (Social and Natural), Robert spent significant time when he was younger working and studying across a number of disciplines. This culminated in dedicated efforts during a portion of his mid-twenties developing and practicing an extensive cross-disciplinary and cross-field research program spanning the many intersections of natural science, social science, humanities and history. While physics is his main love and passion, one of Robert’s interests since a young age was in understanding the fundamental intersections of human society, human behaviour, subjectivity, theories of knowledge, and ethical practice. With science as his background, he found interest in a number of philosophical questions related to social development, subjectivity and epistemology, the relation between science and society, and issues of social irrationality including the notion of the “deficit of reason” in contemporary society. In addition to these subjects, he has also written on many intersecting issues ranging from linguistics to philosophy of psychology, cognitive science, philosophy of mind, anthropology and philosophy of history (to name a few).

As many scientists are beginning to ask: In an age of great scientific achievement and technological advancement, “why does needless social suffering persist? Why does social irrationality prevail?” Noted for developing core theses across a number of disciplines, Robert’s studies on these issues is best known for its broad and extensive interdisciplinarity. His pursuits resulted in the publication of over 100 articles and several books ranging diversely in subject matter, culminating finally in Society and Social Pathology: A Framework for Progress (Palgrave, 2017). This book represents Robert’s final publication in interdisciplinary social philosophy, summarizing the research project he started thinking about as a youth.

Although today his focus is entirely on his studies (and pursuit of a PhD) in physics, Robert continues to maintain an interest in advanced studies in a number of areas and specialisms throughout the sciences. He also continues to study and write in many other disciplines in his spare time. This includes his ongoing interest in developing an extensive “research and study program” in Philosophy of Science,  which aims to explore the development of an assortment of fundamental theses regarding the foundations, methods, and implications of science, as well as a number of core theses concerning the relation between science and society. Other intersecting issues include theories of knowledge, reason and subjectivity as well as philosophy of history, ethics and social development.

You can find him on Twitter: @_rc_smith_

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